Education saves students from forced marriage and FGM

Freedom Charity is the only organisation with amazing PSHE Association accredited lesson plans on Forced Marriage and Female Genital mutilation (FGM). Education saves students from forced marriage and FGM

It was so important that when Freedom charity delivers training to schools colleges and universities it ensure that what they do fits into the curriculum and that teachers know that they have the best material possible not only to prevent early forced marriage but also this could save lives.

Freedom has already donated over 45,000 copies of ‘But its not Fair’ to school children throughout the UK. But it’s not Fair has its own PSHE Association accredited lesson plans. Schools are using this not only in PSHE lessons, Citizenship, English Literature and Drama.

Education institutes are inviting Freedom Charity into their schools and in return receive training and inspiring assemblies and copies of But its not Fair. The Sunday Times Hannah Summer reports into early forced marriage and the Sunday Times is giving every reader a free downloadable copy of But its Not Fair. If teachers want the PSHE Association accredited lessons plans to go with this, all they need to do is visit the Freedom Charity website use the contact form to book an inspirational visit.

Education saves students from forced marriage and FGM

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