End Female Genital Mutilation

End Female Genital Mutilation
End Female Genital Mutilation

End Female Genital Mutilation

Freedom Charity believes we can end Female Genital Mutilation, this is a bariatric practice  and we could all help this end in a  generation.

The End Female Genital Mutilation is  achievable if we stand together and accept FGM is child abuse. Therefor remove the ‘cultural sensitivity and fear of being called a racist.  Putting the child first and protecting the most vulnerable is the responsibility of us all.

FGM was Defined in 1997 by the WHO, UNFPA and UNICEF as the “partial or total removal of the external female genitalia or other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons.”

Freedom Charity is working to eradicate  FGM through our  education program. This involves training teachers and professional on what the signs are and how to report FGM and explaining to the next generation the real cost to young girls and women. The pain and suffering that is not the norm

Freedom charity is undergoing a national schools program, thach young person is donated a copy of Aneeta Prem novel Cut Flowers, this gives young people an insight into FGM

Download here Cut Flowers by Aneeta Prem

Cut Flowers is accompanied with PSHE association lesson plans and teaching aids.

End Female Genital Mutilation
End Female Genital Mutilation

Freedom Charity national campaign involves simply wearing a red triangle facing downwards as a symbol of solidarity against FGM.

Monies raised from the sale of the badge will help Freedom with its work in this area.

Freedom has been into over a hundred schools raising awareness on dishonour abuse forced marriage and FGM.

Freedom has donated over 50,000 copies of But its not Fair A novel highlighting the dangers of forced marriage.

Over 5000 students have received copies of Cut Flowers. This has made an impact with both boys and girls. Boys have been particularly vocal in wanting to protect young women and many having been selling the Red Triangle badges. The national symbol against FGM for Freedom Charity.

Thousands of women and girls mainly from the African subcontinent are mutilation in the UK

Thousands of girls in the UK  who have gone through FGM often suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. Thus  has been illegal for since 1985 and to date we have not had a successful prosecution and we need to ask why this is?