Female Cutting report the cutters to end FGM


Female Cutting

Female Cutting, 200 million women and girls worldwide have gone through the horror of , Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). In other words, the cutting and removal of a woman’s genitals. According to the World Health Organisation  FGM is the “partial or total removal of the external female genitalia or other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons”.

” FGM or female cutting, causes immense pain, infection and in the worst cases, leads to death.”

Expecting, and hoping young girls report their parent for this horrific and abusive practice is extremely challenging. Survivors I have spoken to say, it is very difficult for them to report their own family for this terrible abuse. But the fact is that the act of female cutting, is child abuse pure and simple.

Female Cutting, we  need to try and bring the perpetrators to justice, cutters must go to prison .

The people who are actually cutting these young girls need to be brought before the courts.  This is one way this country can begin to stop this dreadful practise. Female cutting became a criminal offence in 1985 and today – October 29 2016 which is 31 years later – there has not been one prosecution in the UK!

 Profiteering and committing a vile abuse should lead to punishment and a prison sentence. However  what actually happens is that perpetrators are rewarded and they are paid for destroying girls’ lives. And those that protect the cutters  are equally to blame. They are party to this cruel, unnecessary and dangerous child abuse and there is no place for FGM in today’s world.

Freedom Charity’s Red Triangle campaign aims to end FGM in a generation. By wearing the red triangle pointing downwards on your lapel, you are making a clear statement that you do not support FGM.

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