FGM school resources Cut Flowers with PSHE association accredited lesson

200,000,000 women and girls have suffered from FGM in 27 different countries and here in the UK it is estimated that over 130,000 women and girls are victims. Education plays a key role tackling it.

“As  a  safeguarding professional I  know that girls from the UK are going through FGM: we need to be proactive” – Gina Soas (2016)

“The Freedom Charity resource is a very clear and focused approach to two sensitive yet vital subjects and approaches the issues in a balanced, relevant and realistic way. We believe that this resource can form an important part of a planned PSHE programme” – PSHE Association’s Subject Lead, Nick Boddington (2016)

The Freedom Charity FGM school program is vital for all teachers in helping them to combat the abhorrent practice. We need the program to be effective and easy to deliver for educators. A school program means all my students have their copy of the Cut Flowers and as they read it we work through the comprehensive lesson plans.

Quotes from teachers and educators who have been through the Freedom Charity FGM Training:

“I have been nervous about teaching this subject as I find it very hard and culturally sensitive.”

 “The  PSHE Association sent me information about PSHE Association accredited lesson plans a on FGM school resources.   The book Cut Flowers by Aneeta Prem with PSHE association accredited lesson plans.  forty five minutes of  teaching FGM in a form tutorial  is not going to be good enough.”

“I have also worked through the PSHE association accredited lesson on Forced marriage. These are based on the Book But its Not Fair by Aneeta Prem. This is equally a valuable resource and gives students an essential guide to forced marriage.”

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