Forced Marriage is not just a tick for Ofsted

PSHE Association Accredited  on Forced Marriage lesson plans based around  But It’s Not Fair book  by Aneeta Prem  is more than  a  tick in the box for Ofsted


Freedom charity lesson plans on Forced marriage.

For many schools taking on the subject  of forced marriage is just seen as too culturally sensitive, too difficult, and the thought of stirring up a hornets nest of protest from parents outraged that this is being taught in schools will prevent schools from tackling the topic.

After all it’s not compulsory.

Ofsted see teaching forced marriage as a big tick in the box, if it is done well.

Teaching forced marriage in school is much more than something that satisfy Ofsted .

Teaching forced marriage in school will save lives.

Using Freedom’s Forced Marriage lesson plans is easy to use and Ofsted has a tick in the box. 

Over 45,000 children throughout the UK have worked with Freedom charity.

Over 45,000 young people now have Aneeta Prem’s book But It’s Not Fair.

A novel highlighting the dangers of forced marriage.

But It’s Not Fair now has three PSHE Association  accredited lesson plans to accompany it.

Forced Marriage can be prevented

Forced marriage can happen in any culture

Young men and boys can be forced into marriage

Freedom charity’s lesson plans on forced marriage are excellent

The Forced Marriage lesson plans l really need to work alongside the book But It’s Not Fair.

The best option is to invite Freedom charity into your school to deliver an outstanding assembly and staff training.

The training include, the signs, symptoms, what your legal responsibilities are

And learning about  forced marriage protection orders.

Everyone being able to download the Freedom charity App that is the 999 of apps.

All this and so much more.

The students get to meet the author.

Learn about human rights.

What they can do to make a difference and save lives

The school visits are really an important part of not just a session on forced marriage it’s about empowering young people to support and help each other

And its true, reading this book can save your best friends life.

Speak to Freedom and they will tell you how it already has.