PSHE Association accredited Freedom Charity FGM lesson plans based on Cut Flowers book by Aneeta Prem

Freedom Charity FGM lesson plans and guidance notes on teaching FGM.  based on Aneeta Prem’s book Cut Flowers, with PSHE Association accreditation.

This has been ‘long awaited’, ‘needed’ and ‘brilliant!’

200 million girls and women a year have undergone FGM.

Freedom Charity FGM lesson plans developed in partnership with the PSHE Association  are ground breaking.

The lessons are easy to use and will help save lives.

Understanding what FGM leads to .

FGM leads to a life of misery for millions of women and girls.

FGM leads to lack or no sexual desire.

FGM leads to infection.

FGM can make women infertile.

FGM can lead to severe pain during sexual intercourse.

FGM can lead to death.

The aim is that the lessons are used with Aneeta Prem’s book Cut Flowers is seen as critically important.

PSHE lead teacher at East London school.

“The idea of having to do lessons on FGM even for any teacher or safeguarding lead can be daunting.

I read and really enjoyed the way Aneeta Prem’s book Cut Flowers is written.

Yes, its hard-hitting yet sensitive and easy for students to read.

It makes FGM less scary to teach.

I have piloted the lessons in my school and they are brilliant.

We read Cut Flowers and then we started work on the lessons’.

PSHE Association Associate Subject Specialist Nick Boddington said:

“Teaching about FGM is one of the most challenging areas of PSHE education. These lessons plans will help to pupils to explore the issues and in a story which pupils will be able to relate to. Cut Flowers and the accompanying lesson plans offer a route into building this vital topic into schools planned PSHE education provision in an effective, safe and educationally appropriate way. It will help to build knowledge relating to rights, responsibilities and the boundaries of confidentiality and will help to build key skills and attributes such as critical thinking, judgment and risk management.”

The lessons plans are available from Freedom charity.

Book Freedom Charity to deliver your training on Forced Marriage

To get the most out of this valuable resource would be to book Freedom to come into your into your school, college or university, have an assembly / talk delivered followed by staff training.

Freedom charity have engaged with over 45,000 young people in schools over the last 3 years and  delivered on how to prevent   forced marriage.

Freedom charity’s assemblies are ‘outstanding’ ‘inspiring’ and ‘highly recommended’

All staff would benefit with what is a safeguarding issue, from Heads, teachers, class room assistants, lunch supervisor and anyone who is in contact with children.

With Freedom’s training your school will all have the confidence and knowledge on FGM and the lesson will be much more rewarding to teach. Freedom Charity FGM lesson plans will really make a difference .