Fundraising Ideas to save lives

Freedom Charity Fundraising Ideas

A way to have lots of fun and support a great cause, here are some fundraising ideas.

Whatever you choose to do you need to have a plan and hopefully you will raise much need funds to help Freedom Charity carry on its amazing work preventing forced marriage, FGM and other terrible human right abuses.

So let’s think of some fundraising ideas, you could start with guess how many sweets many jar?

Have a set fee for each guess and the winner wins all the lovely sweets.

Allow a number to be used only once otherwise you will end up having to split the sweets.

Hopefully find a shop who would like to donate the sweets.

A raffle is always great speak to friends, shops and business each donating to the Freedom charity cause.

You need to find a few amazing prizes; the best prize I ever saw one was a car!

It could be chocolate, perfume a nice bottle of something, a holiday, gift vouchers, a meal at the local restaurant, a ride in a police car, so many fundraising ideas when it comes to raffles.

I like a raffle when everyone wins something!

Freedom Charity Fundrasing ideas - Raffle
Freedom Charity  – fundraising  Raffle | Part of the Fundraising video


Fundraising ideas around organising a race of any kind is always a brilliant , teams from different departments, old v young, this club verses that club

The winning team or person gets a medal or trophy

Again thinking of teams and fundraising ideas sports completions are always great fun.

Why not have a dog completion, the dog with the waggiest  tail, the dog who is the best behaved so many more ideas

fundraising ideas for the very brave.  What about sky diving or parachute jumping, you need to get lots of sponsors for that one.

Download the sponsorship form here and let us know what you are doing so we can support and cheer you on

Also set up a just  giving page too

Have lots of fun and know every penny you raise will help freedom charity

Freedom also has a fundraising ideas pack, so contact to receive yours.

Freedom Charity Fundrasing ideas - Parachute jumping
Freedom Charity Fundraising  ideas – Parachute jumping | Part of the Fundraising video

Working in schools spreading how to save your best friends live is something Freedom has been doing for the last five years and Freedom charity has worked with over 45,000 young people throughout the UK.

Each young person was given there own copy of But its Not Fair by Aneeta Prem.

Help Freedom charity stop FGM we need funds to work with schools and again would love to ensure schools are trained in how to deliver FGM .

We have PSHE lesson plans on FGM working with Aneeta Prem new book Cut Flowers.