Freedom Charity has been inundated with calls for help from girls and women who feel more vulnerable during this lockdown. Freedom Charity is working with the Home Office, Police and refuges to help those who are at the most risk.

Aneeta Prem from Freedom Charity spoke to a young girl who is only 16 years old; she is in lockdown with her parents and brother. For the first time in years she is spending a great deal of time with her father and brothers. She told Prem “My Dad works in a restaurant and on the 22nd of March he lost his job. He’s still waiting for his wages, money is tight. I get school dinners, but now the schools are shut, that has stopped. My Dad says I am a burden and I shouldn’t be given any food. My Dad is talking to his brother in Pakistan, asking him to find a husband for me. My brother is using me as his punch bag, he is frustrated that he can’t go out. We live in a small flat, we don’t have garden or balcony. My Dad won’t let me go out to exercise. I feel like a prisoner. I can’t cope. I need to get out.”

We will help you. #YouAreNotAlone

This sadly is a typical call. We can look at a forced marriage protection order. This young girl is facing emotional abuse, physical abuse, economical abuse; all in her own home. She is a potential victim for forced marriage, something Freedom Charity ensured became a criminal offence in 2016.

If you are in immediate danger, please call 999